28 Dates in the Media

I never expected to have any media coverage for the blog, but it seems people really like it!


Here's an interview with me from BBC Radio on V-Day 2013, talking about the blog & online dating in general - also a chance to hear my dulcet tones!

A couple of weeks later, they followed up, so here's a slightly more subdued interview, with me talking about online dating being really quite hard and so on.

I've also done a (very amusing) interview for Newstalk.ie (a big Irish radio station) and assorted pieces for Radio 4, including a Women's hour special.

In Print:

I was very kindly invited to write a feature about the blog in Elle magazine. I'm reliably informed that as it had Katy Perry on the cover, and a good free gift (a tub of expensive hairspray), it was well worth buying... I've since spotted it in several Doctor's surgery's and waiting rooms, and about once a month I get a tweet from someone saying they loved it.

Here's the cover -

Here's a link to a couple of instagram snaps of the article:


The whole blog has been syndicated in one of my favourite publications (even if it is a bit pinko) the New Statesman:

Here's a sort of "Deleted Scene", that I wrote up for the Telegraph, about my experience of using Tinder:

Behind the Magic:

I've also been interviewed by High Tea Podcast (from 19 minutes in), and by Isobel Finbow. Both of these go into why I started the blog, what it's been like doing it, what happened after the first dates with some of the ladies, that sort of thing. Like a DVD director's commentary, probably entertaining to listen to if you're a fan.

On Telly:

I was interviewed in part two of the C4 documentary "How to Find Love Online" presented by Dawn O'Porter, directed by the lovely Kate Quine.

You can see a brief snippet here (I'm at 1.04, telling the Demonic possession story), but others, including the finger-biting, went in the doc in several of those little cuts.

Other stuff:

If you're from the media and want to get in touch, email me on willardfoxton at gmail dot com, or tweet me @willardfoxton - as you can see from the above, am very happy to chat!


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